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RSD leverages its success from VetGuardian® in the animal health sector, now entering the human health market. Our technology, initially developed by Structured Monitoring Products and acquired by Zomedica, Inc., has been adapted and refined for human use.

We are expanding our monitoring capabilities to include blood pressure and ECG, alongside our core measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature. This move marks a significant step in our commitment to advanced health monitoring solutions.



System & Methods For Remote Sensing Using Double-Sideband Signals
Non-Contact Measurement System for Accurate Measurement of Frequency & Amplitude of Mechanical Vibration
Complex Signal Demodulation & Angular Demodulation for Non-contact Vital Sign Detection
Random Body Movement Cancellation for Non-contact Vital Sign Detection
Wavelength Division Sending RF Vibrometer for Accurate Measurement of Complex Vibrations
Method & Apparatus for Doppler Radar Signal Recovery of Target Displacement
Method & Apparatus for Non-Contact Fast Vital Sign Acquisition Based on Radar Signal
Low IF Architectures for Noncontact Vital Sign Detection
Accurate Heart Rate Measurement by Radar Using Adaptive Harmonics Filter
Heart Rate Measurement by Radar Using Adaptive Harmonics Filter
System and Methods for Detection of Subjects Vitals and Physiological Symptoms Via Non-Contact Methods

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